Bot Info

The bots page is where you create, edit and manage your bots.

Bots Page

*See all your bots and information about them and create new bots.*

On the bots page you can view and sort alphabetically or by time created or time last modified.

The bots page is also where you create new bots through the Create Bot button in the upper right.

Creating a Bot

To create a bot, click the Create Bot button on the bots page. The create a bot dialog then appears.

Create Bot

*Choosing a name.*

Choose an appropriately descriptive name for your bot and click Create. If you attempt to create an unsupported name, the box will have a red outline, which you will see throughout the Stackchat interface.

Bot Overview Data

Upon creating a new bot or selecting an existing bot, you will be taken to the Bot Overview and menu.

Bot Overview

*Bot description can be changed here.*

The overview page shows:

Name: The name you chose for your bot on creation or edited thereafter.

Description: A description of the bot. This can be entered and edited on this screen.

Last Modified: Time and date at which this bot was last edited.

Last Modified By: Displays the last user who modified the bot.

Last Publish: A string of characters

Publish Date: Date of publication.

Publish Status: Shows whether the bot is unpublished, published or failed to publish.

Last Modified By: Displays the last user who published the bot.

The Bot Builder menu is where all the functionality of your bots is unlocked.