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Adobe Experience Cloud Integrations

This page contains instructions for configuring Stackchat to work with our various Adobe Experience Cloud integrations. The intended audience is technical consultants who have hands-on experience with the Adobe products in question.

Sending chatbot data to Adobe Analytics

Get actionable insights about your chat user’s behaviour in Adobe Analytics when you mix, match and analyse your chat data with the whole customer journey.

Stackchat captures dozens of conversational events and properties which you can map to props, eVars and events and then display in vivid detail in bespoke chat workspaces.

Follow the steps outlined below to connect your Adobe Analytics workspace with Stackchat.

Sync chatbot customer profiles to Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is Adobe's Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering.

Stackchat's integration with AEP allows you to transform your chat conversations into customer profiles that update in real time and use AI-driven insights to help you to deliver the right experiences across every channel.

Configuring the integration between Stackchat and AEP is covered in this Comprehensive Technical Tutorial for Adobe Experience Platform.