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The Stackchat Web Messenger allows you to embed your chatbot into any desktop or mobile site or mobile app webview. It is compatible with the latest version and one major version behind of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox for the desktop and should work with IE 11. Mobile Safari is supported for iOS versions 8+, while mobile Chrome is supported for Android versions 4.1+.

Web Messenger also supports built-in Speech-to-Text, which allows you to add voice capabilities to your bot either exclusively or in addition to keyboard input.

A Web Messenger integration is automatically created the first time you publish your bot. It supports a variety of output types as seen below.


Text message in the Web Messenger

*A basic text message with emoji.*


An image in the Web Messenger

*An image in the Web Messenger.*

Quick Navigation

A Quick Navigation without Icons

*This quick navigation has no icons.*

A Quick Navigation with Icons

*The same quick navigation with icons.*

List / Carousel

A List with Multiple Cards

*The user can navigate the list with the arrow.*

User Input Group

A User Input Group with Require Confirmation On

*A User Input Group with Require Confirmation On.*