Error Messaging

Stackchat's built-in error messaging alerts you to problems with your bot that will prevent it from publishing correctly.

Error Console

*The red circle will increment up for each error detected.*

When Stackchat detects an error, it will add a badge to the Errors button, incrementing up for each error that occurs. As long as there are no errors, the button will be greyed out, and it will not be possible to click it.

Error Console Open

*Two errors showing in the errors modal.*

Clicking the Errors button will open the panel showing all the errors that you have triggered. You can also see any current errors in the CDML view, if you wish to fix it there.

Error Console CDML

*The same errors showing next to the CDML.*

When showing an error, Stackchat goes from high level to low level, displaying the title of each flow and element:

Flow -> Element -> Sub-Elements

This allows the user to quickly identify where the error is located and rectify it.

Flows and Elements are also displayed as hyperlinks, so clicking on them will take you directly to the Flow or Element.