Proactive Messaging

In some chatbot applications, you may wish to draw attention to your bot. This can be done through Stackchat Proactive Messaging.

Proactive Messaging can be installed using NPM.

When Proactive Messaging is enabled, a customized dialogue will open over the messenger bubble if the messenger has not been opened. If the messenger has been opened, proactive messages will not be sent or seen by the user.

Proactive Messages can take two different forms: a standard, message-only version and a version with action buttons. Both consist exclusively of text and emoji.

A Standard Message-Only Proactive Message

*A standard message-only proactive message.*

A Proactive Message with Action Buttons.

*A proactive message with action buttons.*

In the version with action buttons, you can define the button behavior to either open or not open the messenger.

You can customize your Proactive Messages across a wide variety of paramaters including colors, font sizes, margins, and animations for bubble appearance and message display. Instructions for customization are availble on npm.