Multiple Choice User Input Groups

Multiple choice Slots are a special case that require additional attention when building a bot. The User Input Group dialog is where the available choices are inputted.

When you add a Multiple Choice Slot to the group, a new field will appear under Prompt, Choices.

Click the plus to add a multiple choice option.

Each multiple choice options has three fields to fill after you click:

Reply Icon: An icon that represents the choice (optional).

Reply Value: The response the system will return to you. If left blank, it will be the same as Reply Response. (Optional)

Reply Response: The label on the button for this response.

Once you have entered all the Choices you wish to offer users, close the dialog.

Adding Multiple Choice Options

*Multiple choice options are given as part of the **User Input Group**.*

To populate multiple choice user input groups with dynamic data, use the Dynamic Content Toolkit.