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Welcome to Stackchat!

Upon your first sign in, you will arrive at the Stackchat Dashboard.

Stackchat Dashboard

The icons on the left are the basic navigation.

Stackchat icon: Return to the Stackchat Dashboard

Bots: Allows for the setup, editing and management of your Stackchat bots

Language icon: Select system language. Currently supported languages: English and Simplified Chinese

Profile icon: Links to User Profile, User Settings and Logout

The main viewing area contains your Dashboard. It provides a quick overview of the current status of all your Stackchat bots.

Before You Start

When using the interface to create a bot, Stackchat is translating your changes into CDML (Conversational Design Markup Language), a human-parsable language. Your bots' CDML can be viewed and edited at any time using the Edit CDML link in the Bot Builder.

In our documentation, CDML examples will be provided along with each piece of GUI function. By learning some CDML's basic structure and taxonomy, you can better understand exactly how your bots work and make changes to them more efficiently.

For most Stackchat functionality, CDML is not required. At this time, there are some functions that are CDML only, so it may be necessary to use them before they are integrated into the Bot Builder.