A conversation flow is represented by a flow. A flow can have multiple entry points. We can leave the flow to go to another flow and we can return back again. Within each flow, we can maintain information captured in the conversation. The sequence of events are staged within a flow. There can be more than one flows in every bot.

Standard Flows

A Standard Flow allows you to organise your Flow Elements into logical groups and you may navigate out to any other Standard Flow.

You can also include Reusable Flows within your Standard Flow.

Reusable Flows

A Reusable Flow allows you to create a logical grouping of common functionality that you want to reuse in multiple places in your intelligent assistant.

Inside a Reusable Flow, you may include other Reusable Flows but you cannot navigate to Standard Flows.

flows :
    - name : Intro User
tags :
    - Flows/IntroFlows
entry_flow : true
flow_elements :
    - message_thread :
    - looped_query_responder : 

Every flow must have the following constructs


A unique name for every flow.  This is a text only field.


Bot flows may have one or more tags associated.


This is a flag to indicate whether this is the first flow within the bot.
If set to true, this is the first conversational flow that the bot will navigate to


Each flow contains one set of flow_elements. Flow-Elements hold the sequence of conversational constructs.
which could be any of the following